Tuesday, August 15, 2023

BOTNS worlds collide: Sonny & Cher & Chuck & Howard!

One of the episodes on The Ultimate Sonny and Cher Collection DVD set features the star of our most recent podcast, Chuck Connors, along with the stars of the previous installment's leads (Sonny and Cher, natch). Not only does Connors interact with Cher in this third-season opener from 1973, he interacts even more with another special guest. You guessed it, he sings with Howard Cosell. Chuck is on the right in this cap below:

OK, I don't know how much they actually sing, but they are acting like they are singing, and that's enough for me. This segment is a general store setting with a running song interrupted by quick jokes. I wish I could remember some of them. I'm still reeling from the sight of Howard and Chuck singing.

Earlier the two men appear in an extended "Lady Luck" sequence, with Howard blackmailing Chuck and Cher for their illicit relationship.

At the end of that, they appear to be singing and dancing, too, but at least they are in the back and there is so much else going on that you can pretend not to see them.

In the "Window on the World" segment, you get to see Howard and Chuck tell a few jokes and exchange barbs with each other. Cosell pretends to paintbrush the actor at the end!

But do you really want to know what THIS is?

If all that isn't enough for you, earlier on in that "Lady Luck" sequence, another old BOTNS friend appears as a bartender:

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