Sunday, August 27, 2023

Top Ten #263 Special "Lot of self-promotion in this one" Edition!

1) The Loch Ness Monster: Yet another "This time we really mean it," effort is underway to find Nessie, and this time the difference is...Actually, I don;t know, but I bet it's AI. They're claiming to use AI somehow, right?

2) In Search Of..: There is now a preponderance of evidence to indicate that Battle of the Network Shows ran a so-called "encore presentation" episode this week. Whether our investigation may turn up more glimpses of this phenomenon in the future remains to be seen, but it is clear that something is happening in the podcast realm.

3) Back to school: If you are heading back to school, good luck. If you want to relive those days, uh, why? No, if you are in the mood for something school-related, may we suggest our combo Head of the Class/What a Country! episode?

4) Quincy: The savviest, sexiest, shoutiest medical examiner has returned to  broadcast TV with a run on Get TV. OK, this is a good thing, but now let's get the show on streaming in uncut, uncompressed episodes...or we'll GO RIGHT TO THE TOP!

5) Sgt. Slaughter: Happy 75th to the Sarge, who I met yesterday at a convention. By "met," I mean I looked over at his table and wished he didn't charge so much for an autograph but thought he looked in pretty good shape.

6) SWAT: The 1970s action show was added to Tubi this week. It's more than just a theme song, people! But, hey, here's the theme song:

7) Jane Curtin: The actress made news this week by saying she recently watched her old SNL episodes and found none of it funny--basically, you had to be there. Imagine what she'll say when she gets to the Jean Doumanian season!

8) Showtime in the Catskills: 50 years ago tonight, Channel 11 in New York aired a rerun of It's Showtime in the Catskills, and, oh, how I wish I had more info. Hosted by Corbett Monica, the episode welcomed Henny Youngman and a bunch of other entertainers.

9) National Dog Month: We love dogs here and even talk about 'em sometimes! Happy Dog Month! Our Littlest Hobo episode is here, and Run, Joe Run is here.

10) Universal crime shows: Roku Channel added some new 24/7 live streaming channels, including one devoted to various shows like Kojak and another with nothing but Murder, She Wrote all day long. On a related note, check out our returning Murder Monday feature! And, hey, would it kill them to show Toma or something like that every now and then?

(Note: There are so many notable passings this week that we will do a separate post later this week to commemorate them.)

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