Saturday, August 19, 2023

YouTube Spotlight: Bonus Episode List-o-Rama Battle of the Network Networks

In our playlist for this week's bonus episode, we set aside most of the famous programs we mention and devote some slots to the lesser-known series we watched back in the Eighties. One of them has some degree of fame today because of its star:

Yes, a young Jim Carrey was the lead in the short-lived (13 episodes) show from MTM Enterprises about a young animator named Skip Tarkenton (!) who lands a dream job at a studio but discovers it is struggling. I watched the first episode a while back, and while many things didn't seem credible, I thought it had enough potential to deserve time to grow. The premise and setting are cool even if a few things seem to require some more explanation.

Unfortunately, it premiered at a time just before Thursday night on NBC was a big deal, and it didn't make it. Wikipedia has a great explanation of how the network's shoddy scheduling wreaked havoc on continuity and may have turned off those who did watch. Most episodes are easy to find online if you want to see it for yourself!

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