Sunday, August 20, 2023

Top Ten #262: Special "Yep, a lot of the kids are going back to school already" edition

1) NBC: The Peacock network (not to be confused with Peacock, the network) comes off very well in this week's bonus episode looking at our favorite networks year by year in the Eighties. BE THERE!

2) BET: One of the prominent cable networks of the Eighties is, per reports, off the market. Is it too much for a last-ditch bid so we can buy it and put on Donnie Simpson and Charlie and Company again?

3) The Eighties Lakers: It's Showtime again on HBO! Well, you know what I mean: The Showtime-era Lakers are back on each week on the second season of Winning Time.

4) Sylvester McCoy: Happy 80th birthday to a man who may not have been the best Doctor but who may have the best name of anyone who played the Doctor.

5) Babe Ruth: One of the legend's game-used baseball bats just went for $1.3 million at auction, this after another one sold for $1.85 million earlier this year. We're holding out for a bat used by the Babe when he met Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey.

6) Rumpole of the Bailey: The popular BBC (and PBS) series is now on BritBox.

7) ABC's Concert of the World: 40 years ago tonight, up against an SNL rerun, ABC broadcast a special hosted by Paul Williams and starring Aretha Franklin, the Commodores, and Melissa Manchester. the concert was taped at the new Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

8) Justine Bateman: I must admit, of all the people I might have guessed would appear on Matt Belloni's The Town podcast to talk about the consequences of AI, Justine Bateman was not one of them, but she gave us at least One to Grow On.

9) National Radio Day: I miss commercials for radio on television:

10) R.I.P. Shelley Smith:

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