Sunday, August 6, 2023

Top Ten #260: Special "Hey, we've done this feature for 5 years?" Edition!

1) Sonny and Cher: The B(OTNS) Goes On this week on the podcast as our variety show poll winners get the spotlight. Mike and I decided not to emulate the playful bickering, but we did give the Bob Mackie costumes a try.

2) Donny and Marie: Hey, don't be too discouraged, Osmond fans! We're gonna look at this variety show next season. It's gonna be a long wait, but the good thing is this is one act we don't have to worry about doing something controversial before we get to their show...

3) Tina Turner: She rocked and rolled and just gave Sonny and Cher a big jolt of energy. Here's a different performance from when Cher had her solo series:

4) Catherine Hicks: Happy birthday to the star of Tucker's Witch!

5) Manbeast: Myth or Monster: This night back in 1983, CBS broadcast this 1978 movie from the producer of In Search Of... to a national TV audience...or did it?

No, it totally did. It beat Quincy and Monitor reruns on NBC but lost to the Love Boat/Fantasy Island combo on ABC.

6) National Friendship Day: On this occasion, let's celebrate one of the best enduring friendships in television history: No, not David Letterman and Jeff Altman, not Mike Cowgill and Rick Brooks, but Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble:

7) The Mike Douglas Show: Check out Mike's lineup on this day 50 years ago: Co-host Pat Cooper, Jim Bouton, Foster Brooks, and fitness guru Debbie Drake!

8) Soleil Moon Frye: Happy birthday! That Punky revival came and went so fast, it seems almost like a dream, but it did happen, didn't it?

9) Carol, Carroll, or Carol: Fun little quiz that ran this week on Me-TV's website. It's no Michael Lerner or Michael Learned, but it's fun.

10) R.I.P. Paul Reubens, Carl Davis: Pee Wee needs no introduction. We also salute composer Davis, who created the memorable music for The World at War.

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