Sunday, February 4, 2024

Top Ten #287: Special "Gearing up for the Big Game" Edition

1) John Schuck: Happy birthday to the esteemed Robert Pine Genius winner for Season 10!

2) Sid & Marty Krofft: A slew of their 1970s programs, including series like The Lost Saucer and The Bay City Rollers from The Krofft Supershow. quietly showed up on Tubi the last couple weeks. The lack of fanfare is customary for Tubi adding old shows, but it seems inapt for the Kroffts. Shouldn't this news be accompanied by Rip Taylor being shot out of a cannon?

3) The Grammys: Tonight is the second-biggest night in music. The first is any given night with a Taylor Swift concert.

4) We Are the World: A new Netflix documentary covers the making of the seminal music video, which was recorded after the American Music Awards. It wast he second-biggest night in music in 1985, with the first being, of course, The War to Settle the Score on MTV, where Cyndi Lauper managed Wendi Richter in her loss to Lelani Kai.

5) National Thank a Letter Carrier Day: Why in the world would this day be celebrated on a SUNDAY? Can anyone give me an explanation of such an obscure holiday?

6) Byron Allen: The mogul has made another high-profile bid for a media entity, this time offering to buy Paramount using his revenues Hey, all I care about is making stuff like this circulate again:

7) Amelia Earhart: Here we go again! Someone else believes they have found wreckage from the noted aviator's plane. We are not so sure, though some evidence may indicate there may be potential for information encouraging further investigation.

8) Co-ed Fever: 45 years ago tonight, CBS aired a sneak preview of this series, an Animal House rip-off that was scheduled to join its Monday lineup two weeks later. 

The network canceled it after this single airing tanked, meaning it was technically axed before it even premiered.

9) Groundhog Day: Rick got up, saw the TV, and forecasted 6 more weeks of watching reruns. Expect a similar prognastication in March.

10) R.I.P. Rod Holcomb: The prolific director was behind the camera for many high-profile projects, including the first Captain America movie and the Greatest American Hero episode we discussed.

Carl Weathers: Shame on me for not watching those Fortune Dane episodes when Crackle had them for a very short time.

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