Sunday, February 11, 2024

Top Ten #288: Special "So, what's on the telly tonight?" Edition!

1) The Big Game: I might ask if everyone has had enough football by now, but judging by TV ratings, the clear answer is NO! Enjoy the Super Bowl tonight! And since the real America's Team isn't in it this year, enjoy this:

2) The NFL Today: This afternoon, CBS will air You Are Looking Live, a documentary about longtime pregame show The NFL Today, and it will be available on Paramout Plus as well. I am actually more excited to watch this than the game itself, but I admit I was always more of an NBC game even though they seemed to change their format each season.

3) Happy Lunar New Year: It's the Year of the Dragon!

4) Designing Women: Antenna TV's counterprogramming today: A marathon of the show called "Super Belle Sunday!"

5) Valentine's Day is this week: 40 years ago tonight, CBS had us covered with Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown preceded by the new special Bugs Bunny's Valentine. Below

Then right afterwards came, uh, Airwolf and Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.

6) Tina Louise: Happy 90th birthday to the star of Dallas!

7) The Winter Olympics: ABC's broadcast schedule 40 years ago today was dominated by the Sarajevo games, though--this seems kind of odd to me today--they took breaks in the afternoon for bowling and for a Wide World of Sports episode about the Ironman triathlon. Below is a stretch of ads and promos from February 11, 1984:

8) CBS Daytime 90: Legacy of Fear was the entry kicking off  this daytime anthology series the network ran for one week starting 50 years ago today.

9) Larry Merchant: Happy 93rd birthday to the longtime fixture of HBO boxing coverage.

10) R.I.P. Hank Bradford: The writer for The Tonight Show and later The Late Show with Joan Rivers created many Carnac lines in the early 1970s.

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