Sunday, February 25, 2024

Top Ten #290: Special "Get outta here, winter!" Edition!

1) The Krofft Supershow: OK, we have talked about the Krofft library making its way to streaming on Tubi and Roku for weeks, yet I was still surprised to see this one pop up on Tubi. Viva Kaptain Kool and the Kongs!

2) Jack Benny: I shared in our Facebook group (Come join us!) a link to this great episode I watched this week: One of 4 that CBS reran in August 1977. Why did they do that? I don't know--Benny had died several years earlier--but it's cool that they did. The New York Times ran a very positive review, and when their TV critics liked something, it was a special thing, indeed. CBS even took out a little display ad touting the 4-week run. Maybe they tried to do a barter deal in the spirit of Benny.

This is an original night-of-broadcast recording with commercials:

3) Black History Month: Another February comes to close without any cool surprises like someone unearthing Tenafly and putting it on demand, but let's celebrate one of the great comic supporting actors, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, who makes an appearance in the episode linked above.

4) Here's Lucy: 50 years ago tonight, the show welcomed Phil Harris in an episode that got into the women's lib movement. This is easily findable online, and it's nice to see old pros even if they were, shall we say, in their golden years.

5) Karen Grassle: Happy birthday to the star of Little House on the Prairie!

6) National Chocolate-covered Nut Day:

7) Ripley's Believe it or Not: In the paper 40 years ago today was an interesting article about producer Jack Haley Jr. being sued by Columbia for allegedly overcharging for use of his personal mansion as a shooting location for the series. He denied it, saying he charged a proper amount and that the practice saved the show money. Jack Palance, much to my chagrin, is not quoted.

8) 227: Rewind is running a marathon of the show Tuesday. Get it? 2/27! Hopefully they make room for "The Butler Did It," DAWG!

9) James Brown: Happy birthday to the godfather of...uh, CBS sports?

10) Barbie: The icon won a People's Choice award last week. What the people want is a live-action Barbie and the Rockers movie with the same cast!

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