Sunday, February 18, 2024

Top Ten #289: Special "No more football, huh?" Edition

1) Super Bowl Ratings: The Big Game drew huge numbers, and I don't want to diminish the record, but all I'm saying is that Nielsen wasn't counting out-of-home viewership when Burt Reynolds was on The Golden Girls.

2) 1984 Olympics: The figure skating final aired 40 years ago tonight, and ABC was promoting Rosalynn Sumners, but the winner was Katarina Witt. Also, just like last Saturday, ABC broke up its coverage with PBA and Wide World of Sports.

3) National Drink Wine Day: I was never a fan of the stuff, but knock yourself out.

4) Medical Center: 50 years ago tonight, CBS aired an episode called "Girl from Bedlam," and in the supporting cast was Batty winner Leonard Frey!

5) John Travolta: Happy 70th birthday to the star of Welcome Back Kotter!

6) NBA All-Star Game: Remember when the game meant something? Well, I am not sure I do, either, but it was a lot of fun.

7) Cybill Shepherd: Happy 74th birthday!

8) The Dog Days of Arthur Cane Part 1: This ABC Weekend Special premiered 40 years ago today. There have been a lot of "human becomes canine" movies over the years, but for money, this is one of them.

9) Presidents Day: Tomorrow we all celebrate the service of folks like Fred Silverman, Brandon Tartikoff, Bud Grant...

10) Pop Tarts: R.I.P. to the creator of one of the greatest--tastiest--most convenient breakfast foods out there, Bill Post. That is, he invented the Pop Tart, not that he is the food.

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