Sunday, June 30, 2024

Inside the Guide: TV Guide 50 years ago (June 29-July 5, 1974 Part 2)

Sunday, June 30, in the Northern Cali region featured a lot of cartoons and religious programming, then mostly reruns in prime time.

I am intrigued by Cap'n Mitch's Cartoons, which shows up at 9AM and 10AM on Channel 40, with Johnny Sokko and Banana Splits in between. I found this cool article on Cap'n Mitch's history in the market.

Downhill Racer gets a network airing and a close-up!

Finally, check out the lineup in syndicated Johnny Mann's Stand Up and Cheer:

Jerry Lucas? Is he also doing the Seals and Crofts medley?

Tomorrow in our glance at Monday, July 1, 1974, we get a few cool display ads and the start of a boffo week on a syndicated talk show!

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