Sunday, June 16, 2024

Top Ten #306: Special "Shout out to the dads!" Edition

1) Father's Day: As Ralph Kiner might say, "To all the fathers out there, happy birthday!"

2) School's out for summer: Congratulations to all the new graduates, and really, congrats to everyone who made it through another year. And if you think this is an excuse to post a clip from High School U.S.A. again, well, you were paying attention in school!

3) The Baseball Bunch: As I posted a while back,I posted a while back, I enjoyed seeing a few "new to me" uploads of the show on The Johnny Bench Archives YT channelThe Bench Archives YT channel. The Baseball Bunch helped countless viewers learn about things like baserunning, bunts, and base hitting. It's not to be confused, of course, with The Bouton Bunch, which taught about boozing, broads, and beaver shooting. 

4) The Tony Awards: The latest installment of the annual salute to the best of theater airs tonight. We have it on good authority that it's the only awards show Tony Danza remembers to watch each year.

5) Hostess Wacky TV Shows: The Retroist substack published a cool article published a cool article about the trading cards from 1978 that featured the likes of Brawl in the Family and Starchy and Hush.

6) Not in Front of the Kids40 years ago tonight, NBC aired this pilot with Don Ameche and Katherine Helmond as grandparents who must take custody of the kids. Of course this was just before The Golden Girls made it OK to watch old people in prime-time TV again.

7) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Pluto TV has launched a 24/7 channel for the series and also made scores of episodes available on demand. It's good the show is on streaming so that everyone can see it with the original adult language, extreme violence, and mature themes intact.

 8) The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed GrimleyIn about a week and a half, Me-TV Toons launches with a host of familiar cartoons--not that it's a bad thing. One of the lesser-shown programs that makes the initial schedule is this 1988 series. Really, even if the show is not that familiar, the character is; don't we all have an Ed Grimley somewhere in our extended family?

9) Boot Camp Match: 40 years ago tonight, in an event aired live on MSG Network, Sgt. Slaughter fought The Iron Sheik in a Boot Camp Match that would go down as one of the best of the decade.

10) R.I.P. Tony Lo Bianco: Somehow, he never won a Tony (but he was nominated).

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