Sunday, June 2, 2024

Top Ten #304: Special Summer Is Here Edition

1)  Summer: Apologies to those who don't like crippling heat and humidity, but this happens to be my favorite time of the year. Remember when they used to have Summer replacement series on broadcast TV? This one started out as such:

2) Welcome to the Fun Zone: 40 years ago tonight, NBC used its SNL timeslot to air this variety special/pilot featuring comedy from the likes of Weird Al and John Candy and music from Carlos Santana and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

3) Atari buys Intellivision: I somehow missed this news story last week, maybe because it is 2024, but I can't help but feel something when I see those two names together. Maybe they can get Reggie Jackson to do some new ads.

Hey, you know, I could have sworn Reggie did ads for Intellivision, but his own baseball video game was actually for Sega:

4) Jerry Mathers: Happy birthday to the star of High School U.S.A.!

5) Barnaby Jones: 50 years ago, CBS ran "The Black Art of Dying," a Barnaby featuring Genius guest Robert Pine!

6) National Rotisserie Chicken Day: I don't remember the word "rotisserie" being much of a thing except in fantasy baseball until Kenny Rogers Roasters came along in the Nineties.

7) ATX TV Festival: The event going on in Austin this weekend features events like a Suits retrospective. I think we ought to start a BOTNS Festival and do an Associates retrospective.

8) The Fenn Street Gang: This 1973 follow-up to Britcom Please, Sir has made its way to various streamers, including Tubi and Prime. I gotta admit, I had no idea Please, Sir was on Prime until after I discovered this spinoff was!

9) Milo O'Shea: Let;s give a shout to the late actor on what would have been his 98th birthday. He played the eyebrow-raising (and eyebrow-sporting) grandpa on the episode of Jennifer Slept Here that we admired so much on the pod last season.

10) R.I.P. Al Ruddy, Elizabeth McRae, Darryl Hickman

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