Sunday, June 23, 2024

Top Ten #307: Special ME edition!

1) Birthdays: Allow me to be self-indulgent for once--OK, all 306 of these have been--and pat myself on the back for having a birthday weekend. The only thing missing was a surprise party I pretended not to know about and then discovered really was not happening after all!

2) Sony buys Alamo Drafthouse Theaters: The countdown begins to my dream event of a big-screen Maude-a-thon.

3)National Hydration Day: What better way to celebrate than by getting knocked into a dunk tank?

(You were expecting Randi Oakes?)

4) Ryne Sandberg: The famous Ryne Sandberg game took place 40 years ago today on NBC's Saturday afternoon Game of the Week. Originally slated as the backup game, it went national due to inclement weather, so B-team Bob Costas and Tony Kubek were on the call on the network.

Sandberg hit two game-tying home runs off Cardinal fireman Bruce Sutter to keep the Cubbies going on the way to an extra-inning victory in what was a spectacular season for the Wrigley residents. No word on whether Punky Brewster attended this game.

5) Marty Short: The veteran funnyman hosts Jimmy Kimmel's show this week. Zaniness is sure to ensue!

6) The Real Brady Bros: Speaking of the Bunch, how did I not listen to this great Barry Williams/Christopher Knight podcast before? The guys review the episodes, welcome guests, and have a good time.

7) Ted Shackelford: Happy birthday to the Knots Landing star!

8) McCloud: 50 years ago tonight, NBC reran "The Colorado Cattle Caper," featuring Claude Akins, John Denver, Farrah Fawcett, and Vic Tayback!

9) Bionic couple: The new RetroFan (review coming this week) features The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

10) Mary Hart: The icon joined Entertainment Tonight this day in 1982. She may have had better legs than BOTNS fave Ron Hendren, but he was still tops in hair!

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