Sunday, June 9, 2024

Top Ten #305: Special June 9 Edition

1) Paramount: It was another week of chaos at the fabled studio as it prepared for (we think) the finalization of the long-in-development sell-off. I really do not want to make light of a perilous situation for the many employees whose careers hang in the balance.

But I do hope that somehow this all ends to me being able to see Blansky's Beauties.

2) Donald Duck: Happy 90th birthday to one of my personal heroes, a man I always rooted for against his nephews, chipmunks, his own inner demons, etc.

3) Pat Sajak: The guy stepped down as host of Wheel of Fortune after umpteen years, freeing up another slot for Ryan Seacrest. You might expect us to make a comment involving missing letters or The Pat Sajak Show, but let's just give the guy credit for a 40+-year run on an iconic game show.

4) National Earl Day: You are encouraged to celebrate both Big Earl and Little Earl today!

5) Michael J. Fox: Happy birthday to another Eighties icon, Is it just me or are we finding a way to get High School U.S.A. in this space each week?

6) National Spelling Bee Finals: 50 years ago tonight, many PBS stations aired a first-ever broadcast (on tape delay) of the event. Jean Shepherd hosted and winced as the winner spelled "O...v...a...l...t...i..."

7) The French Open: It was just announced that NBC lost the rights to the historic tennis tourney to Warner Discovery next year after a 40+-year run (almost as impressive as Pat Sajak!). 40 years ago today, the final saw Martina Navratilova crush Chris Evert. Martina crushed a lot of players that year.

(The next day, Ivan Lendl came from behind to spoil the best chance John McEnroe, who came into the match on an epic winning streak, had to win the French.)

8) Dick Van Dyke: Congratulations to the 98-year-old legend, who became the oldest ever to win a Daytime Emmy this week. In a gracious speech, he said his biggest accomplishment was hanging around to see Pat Sajak's entire run.

9) Martin Lawrence: Congratulations to the star of What's Happening Now!! for finally resurfacing with a successful movie opening this week.

10) R.I.P. Janis Paige, Tom Bower:

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