Sunday, March 3, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #5

1) Regina King: I mean, she won an Oscar, so that's a pretty big deal, especially considering we all assumed Jackee would be the one from 227 to win an Academy Award.

2) Nathaniel Taylor: Shout-out to the late great actor, who died this week after a career that would have been distinguished if it had only included his role as Rollo, my favorite auxiliary character on a series (Sanford and Son) that was loaded with them.

3) The Golden Girls: Have you listened to the bonus episode we dropped this week? We delve into Golden Girls Mad-Libs, and the results are more satisfying than a night with...a delicious cheesecake. Where did you think we were going with that?

4) Little House on the Prairie: Amazon Prime just rolled out the entire series for your viewing pleasure--if "pleasure" means enjoying pestilence, fires, armadillo attacks, Mrs. Oleson's nagging, mumblety peg accidents, and all the other calamities that hit Walnut Grove each week.

5) Katherine Helmond: Is it wrong that after hearing of her passing this week, all I wanted to do was imitate Tony Danza saying, "Mona"?

6) Good Times: The entire series hit the Starz app this week. Come for the work of Esther Rolle and Genius Award winner John Amos, stay for the great closing version of the theme song.

7) Diff'rent Strokes: It returns to Starz this week, but it goes a notch below Good Times because Danny Cooksey was never on Good Times.

8) Erin Gray: In this clip, recently posted on the excellent Bionic Disco YouTube channel, Ms. Gray shows why she's a BOTNS favorite. I don't remember being quite as...enthusiastic about the cars in the B.J. and the Bear episode we talked about on the podcast.

9) Ken Berry: And also on that same YT channel, in this spot for Kinney Shoes, the late versatile performer proves he's not to be outdone by--oh, who are we kidding, he's a nice guy, but he's totally outdone by Erin Gray.

10) Jaclyn Smith: She did us all a service this week on The Hollywood Reporter's podcast It Happened in Hollywood by assuring us that all the hair on Charlie's Angels was real, unlike the wigs and extensions they use today. Yep, David Doyle was all natural.

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