Sunday, March 10, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #6

1) Luke Perry: 90210 isn't really in our era (and I don't know how many remember his late eighties stint on Another World(, but I bet a lot of us saw quite a bit of ol' Luke back in the day, and it's a shame he's gone so soon.

2) Ed Asner: He'll be in a later episode of the ongoing streaming program Doom Patrol, but he earns the high spot because as I heard people debating the possible conflict of interest of ESPN announcer Jessica Mendoza taking a prominent job with the Mets, I kept wondering how Lou Grant would react.

3) Shazam! : The Filmation 1970s show is on DC Universe, looking good and apparently with the morals! How in the world do kids learn right from wrong these days without the likes of Captain Marvel, Isis, and BraveStarr telling them what's what?

4) Punky Brewster: I saw a few extremely heartwarming episodes this week. Is the world blind or just a little unkind? I'm surprised no one has thought about reviving this with Punky as a single mom raising a rambunctious preteen.

5) Lisa Whelchel: She just had another one of her brilliant ideas: hosting an upcoming original series for Me-TV showcasing pop culture

6) Jan Michael-Vincent: Shout-out to the late Airwolf star. I hate to be the one to say it, but all things considered...74 years was a pretty good run, no?

7) Paul Reiser: One half of My Two Dads finally found a home for that Mad About You revival he's been pushing for seemingly half a decade, and it's...Spectrum Cable? Why the heck wouldn't Sony put this on its own Crackle?

8) Alex Trebek: The legendary Jeopardy! host announced he is fighting pancreatic cancer. It's easy to take the show for granted, but don't forget his work on Classic Concentration in the BOTNS era. It's fun to revisit those earlier shows now and see the more casual, looser, but still excellent Trebek.

9) In the Heat of the Night: Kind of on the edge of our timeframe, but several seasons were just added to Prime case you haven't gotten enough of it airing 10 times a day on places like WGN.

10) King Kong Bundy: How can I forget the memorable Saturday Night's Main Event episode in which the dastardly Bundy broke Hulk Hogan's ribs, setting up their WrestleMania II main event. The wrestler died at 61 this week after a distinguished career that included acting roles in Moving and on Married with Children. He even inspired the creator of the latter by frequently putting his hand down his singlet like Al Bundy later would. No, actually he inspired the name "Bundy," but I like my story, too.

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