Sunday, March 17, 2019

BOTNS Top Ten #7

1) Jed Allan: Another R.I.P. to the longtime soap star and host of Celebrity Bowling.

2) The Keaton family: Is there a more quintessentially Irish-American family than the Keatons from Family Ties?

OK, there are many, but did any of them win 5 Emmys and finish in the Nielsen top 10 3 years in a row?

3) Sam Malone: Maybe he isn't exactly the most Irish character on TV, either, but he sure got lucky enough times.

4) Scarlett (AKA Shana O'Hara): Could take out Black Widow with ease.

5) The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold: I love how every St. Patrick's Day, families all over the nation gather around the television set and participate in the annual tradition of viewing this enduring holiday classic.

Wait, they don't? What is wrong with this country, anyway? Just for that, the top 10 is disassociating itself from St. Patrick's Day the rest of the way.

6) Irish Spring soap: Except for this 1979 ad featuring Cindy Morgan from Caddyshack:

7) Card Sharks and Press Your Luck: ABC can't get enough of revived game shows and plans to introduce new versions of these two staples. Personally, I never saw the appeal of the lowbrow Press Your Luck and much preferred the sophisticated game play of people yelling "Higher!" or "Lower!" while Jim Perry turned over giant playing cards.

8) Lotsa Luck: OK, we can't quit you, St. Patrick's Day: Antenna TV runs a marathon of the short-lived Dom DeLuise sitcom today.

9) Norman Lear: Eloquent as ever at the age of 162 as he bemoans Netflix's cancellation of One Day at a Time, but why couldn't he have spent some time getting the original and BOTNS-era version streaming somewhere?

10) Bert Convy: You see, Mike was watching a series we plan to cover when--hey, wait. Since when do we have to explain ranking Bert Convy?

Not ranked: Lori Loughlin, Pat Harrington, Carroll O'Connor

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