Sunday, February 9, 2020

Top Ten #54

1) Murder, She Wrote: This week's BOTNS looks at the long-running mystery show. It's not just for your grandmothers, folks!

Your great aunts love it, too!

2) Michael Constantine: Perhaps the most interesting performance on Murder Takes the Bus, the episode we discussed, came from Constantine, whose pivotal turn as [REDACTED] played a huge role in Jessica [REDACTED] and clearing [REDACTED] in the murder of [REDACTED], and who also prevented Sheriff Amos and Jessica from enjoying some hot [REDACTED].

3) Terry Bradshaw: The co-star of our look at Greatest Sports Legends had a big week, conducting on-field post-Super Bowl ceremonies without embarrassing himself and announcing a reality show centered on his family that surely will embarrass himself.

4) Robert Conrad: If there's one thing that stood out to us when we talked about Battle of the Network Stars, it was Gabe Kaplan's shorts. But if there's TWO things, one of them has to be Conrad's insane hypercompetitiveness. His performance in the relay race controversy helped elevate a contrived made-for-TV pseudo contest into an over-the-top ridiculous contrived made-for-TV pseudo contest. Rest in peace!

5) Gene Reynolds: R.I.P. also to one of the creative forces behind MASH and Lou Grant.

6) L.A. Law: Mere days after its first appearance in the BOTNS Top Ten, the (mostly) M.I.A. show is named one of the shows Disney is licensing to IMDB TV.

7) Unnamed Long Island Pizza Parlor: On this National Pizza Day, let's remember the local hangout where the Seavers could not just enjoy a pie, but connect with teenage drug den operators.

8) Sam Elliott: The rugged star danced--we think--in one of the more popular Super Bowl ads.

9) Jm J. Bullock: Happy birthday to the Too Close for Comfort scene stealer. Do you think that on the set, he rallied Ted Knight and the others by saying, "Come on, people, there's no I in Jm, and there's no I in team!"

10) Kirk Douglas: Great movie actor, sure, but he was never on Love Boat nor Fantasy Island. How big a star could the guy have been if he was never on Love Boat nor Fantasy Island?

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