Monday, February 17, 2020

Top Ten #55

1) Doctor Who: You discussed what on our podcast this week?
No, who.
OK, you discussed who?
That's what I'm asking, who did you discuss.
That's right.

2) Neal Sabin: Kudos to the head of Me-TV for giving Ed Gross a candid, informative interview on the Closer podcast.

3) Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown: As much as we appreciate A Special Valentine with the Family Circus, Charlie OWNS the holidays.

4) Fantasy Island: Speaking of appreciation, it shouldn't take a panned horror movie adaptation to make you appreciate the original, but...

5) Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal: Remember when the Academy actually tried to put a decent host out there, one who could add value to the show, rather than just give up?

6) Sid and Marty Krofft: The iconic brothers received a star on the Walk of Fame last week. I can only hope the star sprang up, shot fire out of its mouth in a psychedelic pattern, then marched away singing a catchy pop tune.

7) Rick Moranis: In exciting news, the SCTV star returns to acting by appearing in...Well, you know what? Let's just remember the fun we had watching him on SCTV, eh?

8) Marv Albert: Yesterday's All-Star Game makes us think of one of the legendary voices of the NBA, but also someone posted (again) this classic NFL moment for which Marv was at the mic for NBC in 1986:

9) The Hollywood Squares/Match Game Hour: Credit to Dave Holmes for this hilarious piece on this oddity running nightly on Buzzr.

10) Room 222: Just because (looks northward, nods).

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