Friday, March 20, 2020

Show Notes: Episode 7-12: Transformers

8Thanks again to our friend Tim for suggesting some Transformers episodes to choose from, and please check out the great 20th Century Pop podcast he does with co-host Bob.

*The Transformers aired from September 1984 to November 1987 for a total of 98 episodes.

*The episodes we cover in this podcast are episodes 33 and 34 of season 2: Auto Bop (November 13, 1985) and Prime Target (November 14, 1985).

*Tonka's GoBots were actually ahead of Hasbro's Transformers at every step in the USA--first to toy shelves, first cartoon to air, first animated feature--but history made the Transformers the victor, and many think the GoBots are imitators. Well, Transformers were first to Battle of the Network Shows!

(Frank Welker did indeed voice multiple characters for both series.)

*The Transformers: The Movie debuted in theaters August 8, 1986, between seasons 2 and 3 of the series.As we mention, it starred Orson Welles, Lionel Stander, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy in addition to the regular cast.

*Bob Budiansky. the Marvel Comics creator/editor who created much of the toy line's mythos, explains in this interesting clip that he left the franchise because of the pressure to keep introducing new characters/toys:

*Anyone out there who would like us to cover Manimal as we mention on the show? Wait, we know there ARE some people who will say yes. We withdraw the question.

*According to this look at Charles Dickens' swear words, no one really knows the origin of the expression, "What the deuce?"

*Studio 54 was known as being exclusive, but in my defense, it did have a diverse clientele, too. I mean, where else would you see Bella Abzug, Andy Warhol, and Bruce Jenner? OK, maybe The Love Boat, but where else?

*If you don't remember Batty nominee Eric Raymond, go here for a refresher.

*And click here for our G.I. Joe episode and our thoughts on Hector Ramirez. Do you think this is the "real" Hector in Prime Target?

*The First Boer War was fought 1881-1882, and the Second Boer War was fought 1899-1902.  By the time of the Third Boer War, Michael Bay produced but did not direct.

*As the Kitchen Sinks is a fictional soap opera in the Hasbroverse.  According to this Transformers wiki,:

On the one occasion that the Autobots were shown watching the show, the plot centered on a supposed affair between Donna and Gordon, which, if true, would mean that Jack was unaware that Sheryl had hidden a will, having substituted a fake document in its place.
A deleted line from the episode expands on the complexities—the will belongs to Bob, and reveals that he named Katy as his true heir! Dun-dun-dunnn! This all becomes too much for the girl in the show, though, as she is then forced to ask: "Who's Bob?"

*A handful of PSAs, recycling G.I. Joe PSAs, were produced but never aired. You can see one in this week's YouTube playlist, and here is another one here:

*Thanks to everyone for supporting us in another fun season, and please stay tuned for some surprises and of course the postseason Batty Awards...and we already have big plans for season 8!

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