Sunday, March 8, 2020

Top Ten #58

1) Soap: I'll confess, a small part of me is disappointed nobody boycotted the podcast because we covered it this week.

2) Joan Van Ark: The iconic star of Spider-Woman was the guest of honor on the TV Confidential podcast last week, but there was not enough talk about the show; by not enough, we mean hardly any.

3) Charo: Happy International Women's Day to one of our favorite international women.  Maybe crossing the International Date Line so many times is how she shaved 10 years off her official age!

4) Pray for the Wildcats: One of our highlights of this season is now available in glorious Blu-Ray form thanks to Kino-Lorber. I can't decide which is more tempting a justification for purchase: the chance to finally appreciate the subtleties in Marjoe Gortner's performance or the chance to see what feels like 45 cumulative minutes of dirt biking in high-def.

5) Voyagers!: The whole series is now available for free on the NBC app, so you can check out the Babe Ruth/Cleopatra episode we discussed.

6) The A-Team: The final episode aired in 1987. I don't have vivid memories of the event, but word was the pitier of fools was pitied.

7) Rita Moreno and Sally Struthers: This ad is both terrible and strangely compelling:

8) Spenser for Hire: Here's a reminder that if the Mark Wahlberg Netflix movie looks totally ludicrous, the Urich series is free on IMDB TV.

9) Kim Fields: The former Tootie Ramsey returns to series TV (OK, OK, she has had multiple big roles since then, but that's the one that counts around here) in an upcoming Netflix sitcom starring Wanda Sykes, Mike Epps, and not Mark Wahlberg.

10) The Family Circus: Last weekend marked the 60th anniversary of the heartwarming comic panel that inspired one of our early holiday special episodes.  Yes, last weekend. Who is responsible for forgetting to put it in last week's list? You guessed it, that lovable scamp from the strip who is always running around giggling, is often apparently invisible, and is always blamed by everyone else: Jeffy.

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