Sunday, March 1, 2020

Top Ten #57

1) Mary Hart and John Tesh: The definitive Entertainment Tonight hosts (sorry, Leeza Gibbons and Robb Weller) reunited this week, and you better believe it feels so good.

2) The Beachcombers: Yes, it's customary to put the focus of the podcast at number one in the Top Ten, but, come on, TESH!

Plus it's still hard to forgive this:

3) John Madden: Tony Romo is receiving $17 million a YEAR from CBS to broadcast NFL games. You know who never got 17 mil a year to broadcast NFL games? Jimmy Cefalo, that's who. But this week we salute legendary John madden, who paved the way for megadeals like this for NFL analysts.

4) Geri Jewell:  March is National Cerebal palsy Awareness Month, so how about a shout-out to Blair Warner's cuz?

5) WPSX TV: This PBS station, now WPSU, launched on this date in 1965. For me, it was the home of many of my favorite shows as a kid--Sesame Street, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, The McLaughlin Group...

6) Catherine Bach: Happy birthday to the former Daisy Duke. No comment necessary...or advisable.

7) Hawaii Five-0: The OLD version, that is. The current version announced it is ending after the upcoming season 10, meaning the original tops it with its umptee--(checks)--its 12 seasons.

8) Ron Howard: Happy birthday, Opie Cunningham!

9) National Brain Injury Awareness Month: Never forget the time a batty-nominated wooden plank nearly kept John Boy out of college.

10) Alan Thicke: It's the late singing sensation's birthday, and you know what we haven't watched in a while?

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