Sunday, March 22, 2020

Top Ten #60

1) The Transformers: Our season finale this week takes a look at those lovable, cuddly little--wait, no, sorry I was thinking of Care Bears. I always get those shows mixed up.

2) Kenny Rogers: R.I.P. to one of the biggest icons of the BOTNS era.  You have to have been around to understand how huge Kenny was in the late seventies and early eighties. By the way, how happy must have have been that The Gambler was such a big hit and he wasn't forever known as The Coward of the County?

3) William Shatner: Let's also celebrate the life of one of the true living legends, a man who, amazingly, is 89 years old.  Well, all except for one part of him which is still fairly new.

4) Lyle Waggoner: R.I.P. to the star of The Carol Burnett Show, Wonder Woman, and more.

5) Joe Gannon: If I wanted any TV doctor treating me in the time of a global would be Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  But Dr. Gannon would be up there on the list.

6) Nipsey Russell: I celebrated World Poetry Day yesterday in the only way I knew how: Watching Nipsey Russell as a panelist in the latter portion of The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour.

7) Bob Costas: Happy birthday to Costas, one of the best in the business. It's become fashionable in some quarters to hate on him for being "sanctimonious," but I loved him on NBC when I was growing up, and his Later was tremendous.  As a virtual birthday treat to Mr. Costas, here's a vintage Mickey Mantle clip, also starring giant feet:

8) The Rutles: Maybe the best movie ever made about The Beatles, All You Need is Cash, debuted on NBC on this date in 1978.

9) Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Just added to Prime Video this week. I never watched this show, but I bet it was much richer and better produced than Jm J. Bullock's The Storyteller.

10) Robert Reed: Hey, did you know Robert Reed played William Shakespeare on Fantasy Island? He didn't play IN, say, Hamlet, mind you; he played William Shakespeare--a skirt-chasing, saucy William Shakespeare. It's on Crackle, so what are you doing sitting here and not watching that season 6 episode?

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