Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Henry, not Louis, is the star of this cookout!

Picture a bucolic family scene--music, laughter, and of course food.

Now picture Great Uncle Henry pulling his "Dagwood Bumstead" routine for the umpteenth time, building a sandwich way bigger than he can hope to get in his yap, let alone ingest, to predictable "comic" results:

I mean, do we really need this guy to waste some tasty-looking vittles just so he can feign an attempt to eat a Dagwood sandwich?

Then again, he IS hearing words of encouragement: "Pile it on, Henry!"

Actually, the more I watch this...

the more I think about this...

Yes, I change my mind.  This guy is COOL.  Maybe he can't get the full Dagwood going, but I admire the effort, and I kind of want to do this myself.

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