Sunday, June 14, 2020

Top Ten #72

1) Pierce Brosnan: The Remington Steele is the cover subject of America's #1 periodical: Parade.  Is it just me or would Marilyn Vos Savant make a good Bond villain?

2) Schoolhouse Rock: I know it's been a rough year and academics have been disrupted everywhere, but, kids, now that the essentials are online in the form of these shorts on Disney Plus, there is no excuse for not being educated.

3) John Ritter: This Me-TV article explores Ritter's recurring role on The Waltons. He showed up on the episode we discussed a few seasons ago.

4) Strawberry Shortcake: National Strawberry Shortcake Day celebrates the food, but there's also this:

5) Marla Gibbs: Happy birthday to one of the finest practitioners of service with sass.

6) Skag:  We featured the series yesterday on the site, but I have to admit I just like saying SKAG.

7) K-Tel: I don['t want to hear about Now That's What I Call Music or anything from the last 30 years. The recognized leader in compilations will always be K-Tel.

8) Michael Sloan: The creator of The Equalizer and prolific TV writer/producer was on Ed Robertson's TV Confidential radio show recently. He didn't threaten to blow Robertson away, but I bet he would have if pushed.

9) Burl Ives: Happy birthday to the unofficial Voice of Christmas.

10) Mr. Wrestling II: R.I.P. to the former mainstay of several different big territories back in the day in the grand sport of...jai alai. No, I'm kidding, but how cool would it be if Mr. Jai Alai was a wrestling star and vice versa?

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