Sunday, June 21, 2020

Top Ten #73

1) DVP: Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and a special salute to one of our favorite TV padres, Tom Bradford.

2) Tony Gwynn: Speaking of Padres, here's a rare look--Ok, glimpse--at the late Hall of Famer.

3) Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross: Would you believe that the Keatons were born on the same exact day in the same year (1947)? Would you?

Actually, I don't believe it, and I read it.  It's just too fantastical to comprehend.

4) The Ed Sullivan Show: The classic show is digging into its vaults to upload clips from its archives.  Yes, we'd prefer full episodes to clips, but who are we to complain about free Temptations performances?

5) Al Molinaro: Me-TV spotlighted the great Al Molinaro with a look at his first on-screen appearance, a Green Acres guest spot that it also aired this week. Click this link for more.

6) Bernie Kopell: Happy birthday to the undisputed sexiest man on the Pacific Princess, Adam Bricker himself.  And he was a DOCTOR, too! What a catch!

7) Mariette Hartley: Happy birthday to a star in her own right and one of the best podners James Garner ever had.

8) Michael Keaton: The beloved star of Working Stiffs finally returns to series TV with the just-announced Dopesick on Hulu.

9) Pat Boone: How in the world did this classic not become part of the national fabric?

10) Coach: Antenna TV is celebrating the holiday with a Father's Day marathon because...wait, Coach was a dad? Was he supposed to be that tall blond dumb guy's father?

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