Monday, November 2, 2020

This Day in TV History: Archie Bunker mourns Edith

 40 years ago on this day, Archie Bunker dealt with the off-camera death of his beloved wife Edith:

The two-part season premiere of Archie Bunker's Place featured this scene and more as the show dealt with the absence of Jean Stapleton. The actress expressed the desire to quit playing Edith several years earlier, but appeared in a handful of episodes of this series' first season before the character was killed off before the next.

This episode is the clear highlight of Sunday, November 2, 1980, as the networks still dug out from the delays caused by the strike (as we discussed here).  ABC had the 1976 movie A Star Is Born  while ABC had The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Gauntlet.

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