Sunday, November 15, 2020

Top Ten #94

1) Greatest American Hero: If you have listened to our podcast this week--and if you haven't, get to it--you know how much we enjoy this series. There are very few legit excuses for not watching it since it seems to be everywhere these days.

2) Superman (1988): Not that there is any resemblance whatsoever (for legal purposes) between the two properties, but, hey, Tubi TV added this Ruby Spears cartoon series at the beginning of the month.

3) Chuck Norris: Tubi also added the cartoon series of another great American hero: Chuck Norris' Karate Kommandos. Why in the world did Warners license this out to Tubi but never bother putting it on its own pay service Boomerang?

4) Robert Culp: Well, now you understand why we went away from the Culp episodes when we talked about Columbo--he was getting his moment later in our season! Salute to one of the most watchable actors of the BOTNS era in any scenario.

5) Connie Sellecca:  The phrase "John Tesh is a lucky man" seems not only trite, but redundant since we all knew Tesh was extraordinarily blessed with talent and charisma even before he was associated with Sellecca.  As for Connie, I like her so much I might even suggest Hotel for a future podcast!

6) Ed Asner: Happy birthday to one of the most lovable cantankerous pinkos out there! Reading is still fundamental.

7) The Hardy Boys: A trailer for the reboot debuted this week, but we take this moment to celebrate the original:

8) The Doobie Brothers: Congratulations again to the Batty winners and NOW members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Proof once again that a Batty is a sprongboard to other (note I didn't say better) things!

9) Joan Rivers: I can't tell you why I sat down and watched this random upload of The Late Show last week, but I enjoyed it! It features Kate Jackson, Howie Mandel, and Hugh Hefner, plus music by Michael McDonald!

10) R.I.P.: We lost some notable names this week, including the great Alex Trebek, classy and always in control on a variety of game shows; Tom Heinsohn, an NBA great who was a TV icon in the BOTNS era with his CBS gig and his Lite Beer ads; and Ken Spears, one half of the aforementioned Ruby Spears studio.

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