Sunday, November 22, 2020

Top Ten #95

1) 60 Minutes: After decades on the air, it's still the one.  Wait, that's a different network.  Each Sunday, millions of Americans will BE THERE! No, that's not it. It's still got the touch. Yeah, that's it. Listen to the podcast this week for more than 60 minutes of us talking about it!

2) The Eighties: Not the CNN retrospective, not a VH-1 special, but just the decade itself.  You see, watching that episode of 60 Minutes we covered on the pod made me nostalgic time for when corruption, political crimes, corporate malfeasance, etc. just somehow seemed more...innocent.

3) The Bob Newhart Show: 1975 Today is the date of perhaps the second-most beloved classic Thanksgiving sitcom episode, the one where Bob and the gang get tipsy and order Chinese food. You know, people still GOT tipsy back in the Eighties.

4) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: The venerable special also known, at least in my household, as Chuck Brown's Turkey Time, also aired on CBS this day 45 years ago. It's also in the news because Apple made some kind of deal to get the special on PBS in addition to its streaming service.  How long before someone complains about "taxpayer money" going to that end? I think it's great that it's on PBS.  If it's not gonna be on CBS with Peter Paul candy ads, as it was in the Eighties, why not?  

5) The Partridge Family: You can celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020 with a gigantic Partridge marathon on Antenna TV starting Wednesday night and going through Friday night.  Just make sure you take some time out for football, especially the Steelers game Thursday night. And of course you have to watch the Peanuts special.  And the Macy's parade.  And that Bob Newhart episode and maybe the WKRP.  And--Hey, tell you what, if you find time to watch a Partridge Family or two, great.

And, hey, anyone remember the Partridge Family/My Three Sons reunion (sadly not part of this marathon)?

6) Grandpa Jones: The Hee Haw star knocks it out of the cornfield in this recently uploaded ad:

7) Brian Robbins: Yeah, it's his birthday.  So what? It's not like it's a big deal or nuthin'.

(Anyone else hope that Robbins runs his TV production empire in character as Eric from Head of the Class?)

8) Jamie Lee Curtis: Happy birthday as well to the star of Operation Petticoat.

9) Arizona Ripper AKA Bridge Across Time AKA Terror at London Bridge: NBC debuted this TV movie on this day 35 years ago.  I am torn between commenting on it and just presenting this clip.  I think I'll let it speak for itself:

10) Ed McMahon: Admit it! You have been waiting all year to be able to play this again! The day is almost here!

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