Sunday, November 8, 2020

Top Ten #93

1) Tucker's Witch: The short-lived romantic/detective show isn't the greatest in the world, but we have fun talking about it on this week's podcast, and we're grateful it's out there for viewing. Is that too backhanded a compliment?

2) Art Hindle: Hey, now, mama, let me read your Kindle 'cause, Mama, I'm sure hard to Hindle! (Hopefully you listened to the show this week)

3) Alfre Woodard: Not only did she star (sort of; we discuss on the podcast how underutilized she is) in this week's podcast subject, but it's her birthday! We will take this opportunity to underutilize her with a measly entry in our weekly top ten list!

4) Tim Matheson and Catherine Hicks: The two are so pleasant together that we have to rank them together. 

5) Leif Garrett: Happy birthday to the former teen idol perhaps best known, at least in our circles, for starring in the "Roller Disco" episode of Chips.

6) The Georgia Peaches: Did you know that Dirk Benedict, Tanya Tucker, and Terri Nunn all starred in an unsold pilot?  It aired as a TV movie on this day in 1980.

7) Florence Henderson: It's a few years outside the time frame, but here's another side of Carol Brady:

8) Days of Our Lives: The daytime institution turns 55 today, and the way the industry has changed, I'm almost more surprised it's still around than I am Leif Garrett.

9) Ted Danson: This guy keeps doing things to deserve a spot in the top 10.  This time, it's offering an interesting heel performance in both the unaired and the aired versions of the Tucker's Witch pilot.  In each, he does to women what he only dreamed about doing to Diane Chambers all those years.

10) The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: The insults will fly and the booze will flow as Decades runs a marathon this weekend.  We covered the show in this episode, and here is another taste of it:

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