Saturday, November 28, 2020

YouTube Spotlight: Maybe Baby (1988): "A comedy that really delivers!"

One of the clips in this week's Newhart video playlist is this promo for the 1988 NBC TV movie Maybe Baby with Julia Duffy supporting the team of Dabney Coleman and Jane Curtin!

IMDB reports:

For a happily married man, life changes completely and he finds himself in distress when his wife decides to have a baby after several years of marriage.

The movie premiered Monday, December 5, 1988 and drew a respectable audience but as edged by Monday Night Football's presentation of the Rams beating the Bears. CBS had Murphy BrownDesigning Women, and ALmost Grown.

Maybe Baby looks madcap in this promo, but the first review on IMDB is 1 out of 10, though the critic puts their credibility in question by leading off with, "As soon as I saw Jane Curtin and Dabney Coleman I knew it would be a waste of time."  As of this posting, the movie is available on Prime Video and Tubi. Anyone interested in us considering it for a future season of the podcast?

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