Sunday, November 29, 2020

Top Ten #96

1) Newhart: We celebrated Thanksgiving with Newhart this week, and we celebrate the show again today! Bonus note: On the last TV Confidential podcast, guest Billy Van Zandt, a writer on the show, discusses how the show was done at 5:00 PM during the week and did the episode filming in 90 minutes each Friday so Bob could make a standing 9:00 PM dinner reservation. Guess what? Everyone loved this schedule.

2) Ed McMahon: Around here, there is debate over the true "King of Beers," so, sorry, Ed, but I am ready to declare McMahon himself the King of Thanksgiving.

3) Franklin: The Peanuts character made one of his first screen appearances in Chuck Brown's Turkey Time in 1973 and then proceeded to...Well, I don't remember him doing much of anything after this, but he should have!

4) Bob Newhart: It wouldn't be Newhart without Bob Newhart, and good ol' Bob also gave us two great Thanksgiving episodes on The Bob Newhart Show. Bob. Bob. Bob. I just like writing "Bob."

5) Garry Marshall: Pluto TV just added a channel featuring several of his sitcoms around the clock: Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Mork and Mindy. Somehow Hector Elizondo shows up every 15 minutes or so, too.

6) Head of the Class: Who can forget the first-season episode when Charlie ended up eating with his foe, Dr. Samuels, and the two of them ended up seeing each other as human beings?

7) The Wiz: Remember this electronics chain? NOBODY beat The Wiz...until it kind of limped into the new millennium and went out of business.

8) William Sanderson: Declared "a national treasure" on our podcast this week, and who can argue?

9) Howie Mandel: Happy 65th to the former St. Elsewhere star. Do you think performances like this one led to his casting?

10) Vegas$: Decades celebrates this holiday weekend with a binge, not Newhart, not The Bob Newhart Show, but Vega$! Hey, why not? I bet Robert Urich (R.I.P.) could really put the turkey away and watch some football back in the day.

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