Friday, January 15, 2021

Over Easy: It wasn't ALL about eggs

In our deep dive into the 1980-1981 TV season, we discussed the phenomenon of Over Easy on PBS, a daily magazine show aimed at seniors. Well, believe it or not, folks, the show wasn't ALL about eggs, despite what our speculation might have indicated.  Here is proof in the form of two descriptions from the Tuesday, September 16, 1980 listings of a TV Guide:

The next page has an example of something that has always confounded me: The listing for a particular program referring to another entry of the same program/episode at a different time (sometimes a different day).  This was 1986.  Were people figuring out by hand all this stuff fit on the pages? What went into that?

"See 12 noon Ch. 28 for details."  No! Why should I have to look all the way back on the preceding page? Just give me the info here at 3:30!

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