Sunday, January 31, 2021

Top Ten #105

1) Cheers: The only show mentioned on both the top 5 lists of Mike and Rick on this week's mailbag podcast!

2) Alice Cooper: Check out this footage from the American Music Awards broadcast 45 years ago today, January 31, 1976:

3) Jessica Walter: Happy birthday to Batty-Award-winning star of Dr. Strange Jessica Walter!

4) National Backwards Day: On this special "national holiday," su tel kool ta Htraem morf Mork and Mindy:

5) Shogun: The epic 1980 miniseries was a big hit at the Golden Globes this night 40 years ago.

6) Supporting Actors and Actresses: Speaking of the 1981 Globes, both these categories were TIES on this evening.  Vic Tayback (Alice) and Pat Harrington (One Day at a Time) shared the prize, and also splitting an honor were Diane Ladd (Alice) and Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time).

Can you imagine the Globes voters agonizing over all these categories because they loved Alice and One Day at a Time so darn much?

7) Stuart Margolin: Happy birthday to the star of Rockford Files, Love, American Style, and so much more.

8) Hee Haw: Roku Channel added a random (?) batch of mid 1980s episodes last week. I believe this is the first time the show has been on a major streaming platform.

9) Search and Legends of the Superheroes:

Both of these BOTNS beloved programs (click here and here for the episodes) got major props on this week's Warner Archive Podcast in which the hosts picked their favorite WA releases.

10) R.I.P. It's been another tough week for TV deaths. Farewell to Cloris Leachman, Bruce Kirby, Cicely Tyson:

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