Sunday, January 24, 2021

Top Ten #104

1) Henry Aaron's 715th home run: The legend died this week, but this classic moment lives on forever. Curt Gowdy called it for NBC while Milo Hamilton and Vin Scully had their resepctive team radio broadcast calls.

2) Yakov Smirnoff: Happy birthday to the multitalented comedian, actor, and rapper. Don't remember his rapping? Listen to our What a Country! episode for more info.

3) Players Club International: I don't have the heart to look up to see if this is still a thing. I want to be a Player forever.

4) National Beer Can Day: What a special day! How about we celebrate by admiring the dozens of cans of Billy Beer we all kept in our vaults as collectibles?  

Well, at least we can enjoy an old Stroh's ad:

5) Almost Anything Goes: This unusual show premiered (again) his night in 1976 after a summer sting in 1975. Charlie Jones, Lynn Shackleford, and Regis Philbin were commentators for an array of goofy outdoor stunts pitting teams from different towns against each other. It lasted until April.

6) Neil Diamond: Happy birthday to the musician who has done it all, including what has to be the pinnacle of his career, making it to the cover of Parade Magazine recently.

7) Adrian Edmonson: Happy birthday to the man who portrayed this totally rational and reasonable human being:

8) The Muppet Show: Disney Plus FINALLY is bringing the complete series (they say) in February. Will we rank the show again when it does show up there? You bet we will.

9) Peggy Fleming at Sun Valley: The skater's third TV special premiered on this night 50 years ago and featured guests like The Carpenters.

10) Gregory Sierra and Larry King: Rest in peace!

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