Sunday, January 17, 2021

Top Ten #103

1) Betty White: Happy birthday to America's Sweetheart, the legendary Betty White!

2) Name That Tune: FOX has a new version on the air, and no disrespect to Jane Krakowski, but how can you beat the original--uh, any of the originals. I think there were a dozen different versions, but you get my point.

3) Rising Damp: Friday I gave BritBox an A for 2020 partly because of adding series like this, an "of its time" sitcom that I hadn't seen in years. Really I'm just a sucker for this old opening:

4) James Earl Jones: Happy 90th to James Earl! Does anyone else wish they could see:

5) Don Robertson: Speaking of great voices, R.I.P. to the longtime CBS voice, the man who delivered, "This is CBS," as well as countless voice-overs for CBS Sports, from the championship events to, well, this:

6) Nancy McKeon: She was on Mindy Cohn's podcast this week and said the most common misconception about her was that she knew all about motorcycles. Turns out she does NOT! I am crushed. Next thing you know, Henry Winkler will tell us he couldn't assemble a cycle 

7) National Healthy Weight Week: It kicks off now! I know someone who could help us all celebrate this:

8) George Burns 90th Birthday Special: 35 years ago tonight, CBS celebrated the nonage--the noneg--the nonagg--the 90-year-old comedian's birthday with the likes of John Denver, Steve Allen, Billy Crystal, Bill Cosby, and...

9) Super Night at the Super Bowl: CBS aired this entertainment extravaganza on this night 45 years ago. Andy Williams and Jackie Gleason hosted, and stars included Joe Namath, Bob Newhart, The Pointer Sisters, and O.J. Simpson (Cosby now becomes the second-most notorious person mentioned in this list).

Oh, how I want to see ALL of these specials (there were 2 more after this), but here is a clip from the 1978 one, the only thing I could find on YT:

10) Peter Mark Richman: R.I.P. The prolific actor was in many, many shows, including the Dynasty season 3 episode we discussed here.

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