Saturday, February 13, 2021

Happy Birthday, David Naughton!

David Naughton, star of An American Werewolf in London and numerous Dr. Pepper commercials, turns 70 today.  We haven't gotten around to My Sister Sam nor At Ease yet, but one of his other starring TV roles is on my What I'd Like to See list and is a guarantee if CBS does the right thing and puts it on Paramount Plus. That's right, it's my favorite disco sitcom of the Seventies even if I have only seen one episode: Makin' It!

I will admit this is quite possibly the kind of show where the opening delivers so much of what you want that you are better off watching it over and over than the actual episodes. This intro checks off so many of the Disco/Garry Marshall/Period Sitcom boxes, though, we have to consider it one of the best of the forgotten sitcom themes (the sitcom itself is forgotten, but the song itself was a top-5 hit for Naughton)!

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