Friday, February 19, 2021

Show Notes: Fame Game #7

*Remember to listen to our latest Fame Game bonus episode before reading this if you want to play along and not be spoiled!

*Previous Fame Games can be found in the archives.


*The video playlist for this episode, featuring promos, sketches, interviews, and more, is right here!

*Our Fame Game figure was born June 28, 1946.

*NBC's Animalympics was conceived as two hourlong TV specials taking off on the Olympics, but after the Olympic boycott, the network canceled the Summer version. The Winter special aired February 1, 1980, and the full-length movie version combining the two received home video and pay cable distribution.

*First Family co-starred Bob Newhart and Madeline Khan as the First Couple. The 1980 Buck Henry joint was panned.

*Gilda Radner Live on Broadway ran August-September 1979. Mike Nichols' filmed adaptation, Gilda Live, had a short box office run in early 1980.

*Radner won her Emmy in 1978 for Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Variety or Music Program, beating Dolly Parton for a Cher special, Bea Arthur for the short-lived Laugh-In revival, Bernadette Peters for The Muppet Show, and castmate Jane Curtin from SNL.

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