Sunday, February 14, 2021

Top Ten #107

1) Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown: I just saw this again for the first time in years (it's streaming uncut on Apple+), and I was impressed by how good it was, particularly the last 5 minutes. Chuck Brown still owns the holidays, people!

2) Bud Bowl II: Speaking of rediscoveries, I watched the Bud Bowl II on YouTube last week, and it was far more entertaining than the "real" game I watched last Sunday. BBII has weather, great plays, and a spectacular ending, all framed by Brent Musberger and Terry Bradshaw's enthusiastic commentary.

Now, originally this played out over the course of the 1990 Super Bowl, and it is an excellent example of great storytelling building up to a big finish. Even the snow is developed over the game.  At the start of the action, Brent says it's crisp and cold, and terry ads, "They're even calling for ice and snow." Later, listen to Bradshaw's serious tone as he says, "It's really starting to snow," at the end of the third quarter. Then when we return to the game, he notes that, "We got us a BLIZZARD at Bud Bowl!"

3) The Real Ghostbusters: The official Ghostbusters YT channel is debuting a new episode of the animated series each week, presumably to build up to the live-action revival Ghostbusters: Afterlife later this year. At this rate, we can see all the episodes by, oh, about Summer 2024.

4) A Special Valentine with the Family Circus: It's not quite as hard-hitting as the original Peanuts special. It's not quite as funny. It's not quite as good, really. So what is it? Well, it's another Valentine's Day cartoon special, and there aren't enough of them, so we should appreciate it.

5) Hugh Downs: The late Downs would have turned 100 today. Cook up an omelet and listen to our 1980 season episode for more talk on his eggscellent career!

6) Pat O'Brien: Happy birthday to THE INSIDER, POB, who enhanced those CBS NBA broadcasts so many years ago. Hope he's keeping his nose clean!

7) Mr. Belvedere This day 35 years ago, the show aired a special episode called "Valentine." It is of course the story of Lynn Belvedere's lifelong obsession with Karen Valentine.

8) Karen Valentine: Did someone mention Karen Valentine? It is her day, after all.

9) Hawaii Five-0: Decades has the perfect Valentine's Day binge watch this weekend with--wait, they don't choose this weekend to run Love, American Style? Well, you have to give them credit for not being predictable.

10) Freddy Fender: See the two-time-Batty-nominated artist (for his spot on Hee Haw) pitch his greatest hits in this recently uploaded commercial:

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