Sunday, February 28, 2021

Top Ten #109

1) Flatbush: See our post the other day about the show's debut in 1979.  I still say a doubleheader of this and Makin' It would make a great hour of television.

2) Betty White's Pet Set: The rare syndicated show hit DVD this week.

ME: Hey, any TV rarity of the era is something to treasure, and we should support releases like this by buying them at retail and showing we want more!
ME AFTER SEEING THE $60 MSRP OF PET SET: They're trying to spay and neuter my wallet!

3) Punky Brewster: The Peacock Original reboot is drawing negative reviews, clearly from people disappointed the new version lacks the gravitas of the original.

4) Unsolved Mysteries: The venerable docuseries has made it from NBC to Lifetime to Netflix and now to podcast form. Or HAS it?

5) Gavin MacLeod: Happy birthday and a hearty salute to the most heroic captain in TV history--yes, even more than the guy we'll see in item 8.

6) The MASH finale: Today is the anniversary of the much-ballyhooed last episode of the long-running series, and I believe it's playing somewhere right this minute.

7) Frank Bonner: Happy birthday to the entertaining performer. I feel like if I wished him well in person for the milestone, he'd try to sell me insurance or something.  And I mean that as a compliment.

8) The 1976 Grammys: On this date 45 years ago, the 18th Grammys presented the big award to one of the only pieces of music I've heard more than that damn MASH theme:

9) Incident in San Francisco: This TV movie premiered on ABC 50 years ago tonight. Dean Jagger, Richard Kiley, Leslie Nielsen...Hey, this looks decent!

10) Ilene Graff: Happy birthday to the talented star of Mr. Belvedere, but it couldn't have been acting to be happily married to BOTNS fave Bob Uecker.

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