Tuesday, September 7, 2021

RetroFan #16 and Back Issue #

It's been almost two months since we checked in with TwoMorrows, and they have been cranking out great stuff this summer. First, there was Back Issue #128, which we did mention last time out and which covered Bronze Age comic book adaptations of TV shows. Back Issue #129 is devoted to "TV Toon Tie-Ins," featuring articles on Hanna-Barbera comics, Battle of the Planets, and a cool look at The Hardy Boys Filmation series and its comic adaptation.

Recently I just got my copy of the latest installment bimonthly RetroFan! Issue #16 has a look at H.R. Pufnstuf, an extensive profile of Wolfman Jack, and a tribute to Tanya Roberts. Of course BOTNS-era fans will love all kinds of stuff in this ish, like the look at the old Weekly Reader publication and the cover story on the Marvel cartoons of 1966.

I have no financial interest or connection to TwoMorrows Publishing except that I like giving them money for their fantastic magazines. I highly recommended all of this stuff!

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