Saturday, September 4, 2021

YouTube Spotlight: Princess Ariel in "The Washington Hillbillies"

One of the most notable clips in our Thundarr video playlist this week features the voice of Princess Airle, Nellie Bellflower:

This TV spot promotes a release by Casablanca Records, a parody of the Carter White House featuring Jeff Altman. The album features such tracks as "Bobby and the Prez" (based on Carter's affinity for Bob Dylan), "Peanutol," and "Father Knows Best." Bellflower doesn't get a mini-bio on the back of the LP like Altman and collaborator Billy Minkin, but she is credited for appearing on 4 tracks.

On the album jacket, it says that the Carters became the new First Family on January 21, 1977, and "we began planning our album on January 22, 1977."  The writer says that when Jimmy and his family took over, "fun returned to the White House." 

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