Sunday, September 5, 2021

Top Ten #131

1) Thundarr the Barbarian: I enjoyed this much more than I expected when watching it for this week's podcast. I just love when he yells, "IIIIII...haaaaaave...the powerrrrrrr!"

2) Ookla: OK, so he does have a band named after him, but I still think he should be more of a thing.

3) Martin Short: Remember Marty in our SCTV  episode earlier this season? No, you don't, because he wasn't in it! But he has a new show with Steve Martin on Hulu.

4) The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Decades has a Weekend Binge of the series to celebrate the late Ed Asner. What, you expected a marathon of Off the Rack?

5) College football returns: It ain't the same without that longtime legendary ABC broadcaster...Frank Broyles.

6) Melba: Seeing 4 episodes of this short-lived Melba Moore vehicle on Crackle this week, I thought, well, THIS has to be the most random streaming add of the week...

7) Major Dad: ...until I saw that Netflix had added this entire CBS sitcom. It's just the thing to tide over all those Seinfeld  fans who are waiting for that show.

8) National Cheese Pizza Day: And where's the best place to get your pizza? Why, unless you're Skandor Akbar, right here, of course:

9) Henry Corden: The voice of the leader of the City of Thieves on our Thundarr episode always did good work.

10) Willard Scott: I don't mean this in a negative way, but, wow, he was a lot younger than I thought he was when I watched him growing up. R.I.P..

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