Sunday, September 26, 2021

Top Ten #134

1) AliceOne of the only shows substantial enough to warrant its own exclusive power rankings got our treatment this week. Who's #1? Hint: It's not Martha Raye, but said number one has a connection with Raye's character!

2) Jean Smart: I can't resist saying it: Jean Smart is having a moment. In seriousness, I don't mean to denigrate her or her work, and her Emmy win last Sunday seems to have pleased everyone. I am a little surprised, though, that somehow she went from veteran actress to national treasure at some point in the last  decade.

3) The Brady Bunch: The iconic sitcom premiered this day in 1969 and has haunted our national consciousness ever since. We yakked about it last season. I don't know about Mike, but it's still in MY consciousness!

4) The Tony Awards: Tonight's the night! I want to see a competition between Tony Danza, Tony Franciosa, and Tony the Tiger. Until then, how about this 1981 clip of Nell Carter?

5) Bobby returns to Dallas: On this night in 1986, Patrick Duffy returned to the series in a somewhat divisive manner. I won't give it away, but we can discuss it someday when we get to Dallas on the pod. I still think a lot of industry types saw that and thought, "Hey, wait! We can DO that? Cool!"

6) Roald Dahl: Netflix bought the rights to the author's entire catalog. You know what that means? Surely this is coming alongside Seinfeld on October 1:

7) Kent McCord: Happy birthday, Mr. McCord, even though watching Battlestar Galactica 1980 is making me question my existence.

8) Fall began this week: We know from watching Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July that Winter has cool villains like Winterbolt, but what about Fall? Autumn is someone in your kid's preschool class. Winter is a THREAT. We need more cool Fall villains (Halloween is its own case and doesn't count).

9) Melissa Sue Anderson: Happy birthday to the actress who played, Mary, the Ingalls daughter who had scarlet fever, went blind, and lost a couple of children. On Little House on the Prairie, that's known as "getting off easy."

10) R.I.P. Jay Sandrich: The longtime director oversaw most episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Soap, and The Cosby Show.

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