Wednesday, March 1, 2023

What's new on streaming for March? Not much so far

I love the first of the month. Scanning the various streaming services for surprises satisfies me.

It's less fun now that so many companies have given up on adding library shows (Crackle?) or just decided to scatter them throughout the month (Prime Video). And what really vexes is when you go to a SVOD outlet to see what's new and it still has the "What's New in February" up (Shout! Factory TV until a short while ago).

The biggest surprise of the month is Tubi adding, of all things, Mrs. Columbo! Also "new" (I believe it was on there before and is now returning) is the late Seventies' How the West Was Won with James Arness.

Another surprise is Miami Vice, all 5 seasons' worth, appearing on Tubi. This is the only place the Eighties classic is streaming right now. Now, you might ask, why is that not on Peacock, which is asociated with NBC, and which is owned by Universal, which produced the series and retained the rights? Well, this is streaming in 2023: Rotational streaming! Watch it on Tubi while you can, or maybe just buy the discs if yo are tired of following programs around.

One Day at a Time joins Tubi, too, and notably it's all 9 seasons. In recent years, outlets have licensed a few seasons at a time.

Unfortunately, Tubi taketh away, too. Leaving this month and with little notice as far as I know: The Super Globetrotters, Maverick, McCloud, and The Man from Atlantis, none of which is available elsewhere. Of those, McCloud was on FreeVee/Amazon before.

Other than that, it's quiet so far, but we will have to look out for stuff to be sprinkled in throughout the month. In particular, I believe we can expect more Warners library shows on Tubi, and wasn't Roku Channel supposed to be adding some of that, too? We can hope for a surprise or two on Prime as well.

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