Sunday, March 5, 2023

Top Ten #219

1) Silver Spoons: It's the 40th anniversary of the NBC premiere of the episode Mike wrote about right here. Yes, it's the return of BOB DANISH on the show!

2) Doc Elliot: The pilot for the show premiered 50 years ago tonight on ABC, with the series proper joining ABC's lineup that Fall (and leaving the next Spring). James Franciscus stars as a big-city doc who relocates to rural Colorado for a simpler life. Noah Beery, Bo Hopkins, and Neva Patterson co-starred, and the pilot featured Joe Don Baker!

3) Mrs. Columbo: The ill-fated, ill-conceived sort-of spinoff just showed up on Tubi.

4) SAG Awards: Congrats to some of the big winners at last weekend's SAG Awards, like Sam Elliott (The Yellow Rose), Jason Bateman (It's Your Move), Jean Smart (Teachers Only), Jamie Lee Curtis (Operation Petticoat).

5) National Multiple Personalities Day: Maybe a good day to rewatch the Mork and Mindy we talked about? Mork's emotions all came out in this one, and--OK, maybe it's not so appropriate, but wasn't every day on that show Multiple Personalities Day?

6) Marsha Warfield: Happy birthday!

7) Allan Melvin: MeTV ran a big story about the prolific character actor last week.

8) Fred Williamson: Happy 85th to The Hammer!

9) Courteney Cox: Let's pretend that at least one point of the star she just got on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is for Misfits of Science.

10) R.I.P. Tom Sizemore:

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