Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Remind Magazine's Where Are They Now special issue

Just before the holidays, I snagged another special edition of Remind magazine, a budget magazine designed for the older and nostalgic among us. This one is devoted to "Where Are They Now?" a feature that often attracts interest. The Sports Illustrated WATN issues used to excite me each year. Most of the people featured in this Remind haven't exactly gone away, and these are bite-size profiles lacking depth, but it's interesting to see the latest info.

To be honest, the biggest apppeal of the feature is the quick glance at the ages of all the stars. Shelley Fabares is 78! Maureen McCormick is 66! Justin Timberlake is 41!

Wait, Justin Tim--Oh, yes, they have some Nineties stars in there, too.

It's all fluff, yes, but entertaining fluff, and the Time Capsule feature focusing on 1983 is cool You also get the usual mix of trivia (1960s child stars!), puzzles, and random cartoons like a 1971 Hi and Lois, all on (let's face it) cheap newsprint.

The big story for me is in the Erik Estrada (he's 73!) story: A note that Marie Osmond admitted in a TV interview a few years ago that she briefly dated Erik! Hey, that makes me want to watch this again!

It's all well worth a buck or so, and you may not find it anymore, but I thought it was worth mentioning even though I misplaced it for 3 months delayed production of this post.

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