Sunday, March 26, 2023

Top Ten #222: "First list of Spring" edition!

1) Spring: Welcome to my favorite season, except for Summer. You don't hear too many "Spring replacement series" like you used to do the Winter ones.

2) Andy Kaufman: Congratulations to the late comedy legend on the WWE announcing he will be inducted to the company's Hall of Fame. Of course, the question on all our minds is, will he show up for the ceremony?

3) It's a Living: Freevee re-added the 1980s sitcom, or at least some of it. You'd think more than seasons 1, 3, and 4 is coming, but who knows?

4) Vicki Lawrence: Happy birthday to the former Mama, who I don't think inspired this song, but I bet Phil and Vicki have always wanted to do a project together:

5) Cannon: Many detectives of the 1970s had gimmicks--You know, Barnaby was the old one, Baretta was the short one, Cannon was...Hmm, the one with the deepest voice? Well, anyway, the series pilot premiered this night in 1971.

6) Reggie Jackson: With MLB Opening Day coming up this week, it's a nice weekend for Prime Video to debut a new documentary about the Hall of Famer, Jeffersons guest star, and Greatest Sports Legends host.

7) Hotel Ninety: 50 years ago tonight, CBS aired this unusual program, offering, as a display ad touted, "90 minutes of comedy, song, and dance set in a sumptuous luxury hotel." Tim Conway, Jack Gilford, and Bread were in the cast, and Alan Alda and Sally Struthers made "special guest appearances."

8) National Spinach Day: Are you strong to the finich? Do you even want to be strong to the "finich"? Wait, I think I just realized that's supposed to be "finish."

9) Shazam: Oh, a movie came out last weekend?

10) R.I.P. Decades Network: Being rebranded as Catchy Comedy, and it's a shame that the non-sitcom programming the channel has run over the years (like The Mod Squad, which is marathoning this weekend) is disappearing. Word has it some rarer and short-lived sitcoms may appear on the Weekend Binges going forward.

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