Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Season 11 BOTNS Polls Control Center is live!

Hello, everyone. Reporting live (when you read this) from the Battle of the Network Shows Season 11 Polls Control Center, this is Hector Ramirez.

Voting is underway now to determine the series covered on two key Season 11 episodes on the podcast. You can go to our official Facebook group or send an email to after checking out the candidates here.

Voting will close this weekend, so act now!

We won't disclose individual votes unless someone gives permission, but I have a few early ones with comments that I will share now.

*J. Tesh votes for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, saying, "My wife always thought Robin Leach was the sexiest man on TV!"

*S. Grundy supports the selection of Star Search, or at least we think. His email read, "Grundy crush Budweiser man on Star Search just like on roast show!"

*An anonymous listener urges Entertainment Tonight, "but only if it's a Robb Weller episode."

*I investigated the Internet rumor of an influx of Donny and Marie votes from Utah ISPs but found no evidence to substantiate it.

*A Mr. Osbourne from Los Angeles says, "Captain and Tennille all the bloody way!"

*For another point of view, there is a W. Jack, who says, "Arooooooo! Gimme Sonny and Cher, daddy!"

*One Rip T. sent us a ballot that we had to disqualify for several reasons: 1) It was a printed ballot, which we aren't accepting (I plan to launch an investigation into how he got our address) 2) It was in the form of confetti 3) It was for Tony Orlando and Dawn, which isn't even part of the poll.

Let your voice be heard, if not read, by telling us the infotainment and variety shows you want to see in the Season 11 lineup!

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