Sunday, March 19, 2023

Top Ten #221: "What, no awards tonight?" edition

1) NCAA Basketball: I am not participating in any bracket pools this year, but I have spent a lot of equivalent time trying to predict what Tubi will add in April.

2) James Hong: Did he own it at the Oscars last week or what? A: Yes! Yes, he did!

3) Still the Beaver: 40 years ago, the Beav returned to prime time in a CBS TV movie. We touched on the extended Beaververse (I will never write that again) in our TBS episode.

4) Bruce Willis: Hang in there, Bruno!

5) National Backyard Day: What was the grooviest backyard in TV history? I have a nomination:

6) Kate and Allie: The sitcom premiered on this date in 1984 but remains MIA on streaming.

7) National Poultry Day: This is your day, Chicken! I expect wacky but ultimately harmless mayhem.

8) Renee Taylor: Happy 90th birthday! Can someone create a project for her and James Hong?

9) Triple Play: 50 years ago tonight, NBC presented Triple Play '73, a trio of unsold comedy pilots. I question the title considering hitting into a triple play in baseball means 3 outs and the end of an inning--ultimate failure. Maybe they were looking at it from the defensive side.

Anyway, the pilots included a Topper revival with Roddy McDowell, a show about a struggling NYC writer with Todd Susman and Norman Fell, and Barney and Me. From the original newspaper summary: "Soupy Sales as television personality who discovers talking bear." 

Anyone else want to see that?

10) R.I.P.: On this day in 1979, British actor Richard Beckinsale, star of Porridge and Rising Damp, died at the age of 31.

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